It is an honour to use this platform to welcome all stakeholders (Learners, parents, teachers, care givers and guardians) to this great citadel of learning which the Hallmark of Excellence is in Academic pursuit. I would like to make it clear that excellence is a product of persistence, perseverance, hard work, diligence and continuity, thus at Hallmark International School Agbarho, we are passionate to become leading figure in the pursuance of excellence.

We promise to be very committed to all stakeholders in order to achieve our laid down goals and objective with the cooperation of all involved in the struggle to succeed. It will be once said in no distance time, that Hallmark International School Agbarho is the Best as we continue to uphold superior delivery in all facets of life.

Education is the best legacy to our children to enable them compete favourable in our modern society. Education in our modern world is the bedrock a nation lies upon, is the number two sector in any nation’s economy after health. Education helps a nation helps a nation to grow in economy thereby enhancing the ability and performance of the citizens for the future. Education of today has improved to the jet age compared to previous years as we now have jet age information technology (IT).The use of computer and Internet facilities has enhanced easy access to global information, improved communication and online business transactions all of which are product of education.