Welcome to the Nursery section of Hallmark International School. We use Montessori method in the Nursery to teach and impart knowledge. We have a well-equipped Montessori room where learners go to learn different things on practical life, sensorial education and general subjects. Each of the classes from playgroup to Reception has two teachers to drive home the Montessori method of teaching.

The classroom is beautiful and colourful with chairs, tables and shelves. Our instructional materials are real life model and drawings. All of the classes have air conditioners to help make the class and teaching interesting. We can proudly say before your child gets to basic 1, he/she would have read up to 6-7 letter words unguided. This is what Hallmark International School gives from ages 1 -6 years in the nursery.


We admit children between 6 months and 1 year into the playgroup classes. They learn lots of beautiful things like phonics, Numeracy, Cultural studies, Sensorial, practical life and Rhymes.

In phonics, we use sounds as a/a//b/b. in teaching letters a-z.

In Numeracy, we use number charts, moveable numbers, audio and visual aids.

Cultural Studies: Learning about things in their environment, classroom objects, playground objects etc.

Practical Life: How to wash their hands, potty training.

Sensorial education: The use of the five sense organs of the body. We arrange the pink tower, broad brown stairs, rainbow stack model objects like animals, flowers, fruits etc.

Pre-Nursery: Between the ages of 2 years and 3 years.

Here they learn about Phonics, Numeracy, practical life, sensorial studies, handwriting, cultural studies, Christian Religious Studies, Rhymes etc.



We admit learners between ages 3 -4 years. The subjects in this class includes Numeracy, Literacy, ICT, Science, Health talk, cultural studies, Christian Religious Studies, practical life, Sensorial art, elocution, handwriting and Rhymes.

It will interest you to know that learners at this age can count numbers 1-200 without being guided. They can also count and add simple numbers. They can identify shapes and colours. They can sound their letters a-z, they can blend 2-3 letter words. They can also write letters A-Z. They can make the Vowel and Consonant sounds. They make use of the model animals and real life objects at the Montessori room.  They can define and identify a computer, plants and animals.

They can identify members of the management board of Hallmark International School, Identify shapes, colours, animals according to their classes. They can also name their country, president and state governor.

Learners in this class can proudly identify living and non-living things in their environment. They can also identify the different parts of computer and state their uses.



Learners in this class are between ages 4 -5 years. They learn among other things Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Cultural studies, Sensorial education, practical life, bible talk, ICT, verbal and quantitative reasoning and hand writing.

Children in these classes can spell 3 to 4 letter words and read short sentences. They can read 2 and 3 times table. They can express themselves in fluent English and can write. They can also copy neatly from the board. Practical life- they can sweep the floor, wash their socks and under wears.



This is the preparatory class to primary/Basic 1. We make use of the Montessori room every day. We use play away method in teaching learners and they are between the ages of 4 – 5 years.

They can read and spell 5-6 letter words. They offer subjects like Numeracy (they can identify and read numbers 200-1000). They can add, subtract and multiply numbers. We use Abacus model in addition and number lines. They can count 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s.

Literacy: Grammar, composition and comprehension, learners can write composition, read their composition passages and understands grammar.

Spelling and dictation: We teach them with letters moving together and the sound they make in words using jolly phonics and far beyond

Letter land. Example ‘oo’   ‘a-e’  ‘all  ‘oy’’ ‘o’ ‘ck’

Handwriting: This helps them to master their letters, tall, short, underwater,

It helps the children write neatly.

The subjects in this class includes Social studies, civic education, Home Economics, Verbal and quantitative reasoning, physical education, Computer Science, Christian Religious Studies, Basic Science, Creative arts, Montessori, Elocution and Agricultural Science.