In Pre-School the Montessori Method ensures that pupils become confident and independent learners who are adequately prepared for our Elementary School.

In Elementary School we encourage our pupils to develop an enquiring mind, to be self-managers, employing cross-curricular methods of learning through the British National Curriculum.

In Secondary School our students strive for excellence, acquire ethical values and develop skills to help them achieve their future goals at home and abroad, and finally write the Cambridge IGCSE Exam.

All students will be empowered to discover and develop their skills and talents, positioning them to function as well-rounded citizens.

Hallmark has a high academic standard which ensure that students are well prepared all–round the school year. At every stage, a learner’s education is carefully planned. Learners are active participants in the learning process and their achievement is monitored to ensure success and understanding.

At Hallmark, our talented multi-disciplinary staff work hard to meet the aim of making the entire school community a safe, happy, learning and growing place. We believe that the students’ time in school is the first part of their journey to reaching their goals, and so we work towards making them better believers in themselves. In doing this, they come to us as students and leave us as confident, lifelong learners.

Our school benefits from impressive facilities that enables us to offer a vast range of learning and growing opportunities, both in and out of the classrooms. These include but are not limited to fully equipped ICT suite, sick bay, music studio, library, science laboratories, etc.


With smaller classes, students and their teachers form an intimate family, allowing for enhanced individual and group learning opportunities. Hallmark has a long-standing policy of a maximum of 20 students in a class, with 15 being the average.


At Hallmark, we believe that one of the best ways for students to strengthen their leadership skills, build character, gain experience, develop a global mind set and contribute to the school community is to take on formal leadership roles. We have created service opportunities through our house system, assembly system, student council system and global festivities that remind us of exemplary people and events that inspire us to be all and to do all. Students who assume leadership roles play a major part in keeping our school community fun, vibrant, healthy, safe and inclusive.